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"Geek Icon" structurally was first conceived in 1998 while I was attending the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, after many previous incarnations of nightmarishly confusing personal homepages with little real substance. It's gone through many face lifts since then, and been turned into a weblog, but it's essentially the same in purpose and function. My personal web site has long served as an outlet for writing and documenting my life, and is basically my digital version of "Kilroy was here."

The Geek Icon is one of several weblogs that I have created under the banner of "The Japanese New-Girl Money Network". Japanese New-Girl Monkey is a stuffed monkey that I had when I was a little girl (and still have). The Geek Icon focuses on my every day activies, especially those I consider particularly geeky.

The Geek Icon Icon

Chi Several people have asked me about the Chinese character that graces my page headers. It's from a shareware font called "Mei Ornaments" that I downloaded from Vintage Fonts. That particular character is what you get when you type the letter "g" and was originally chosen because I was smitten by its aesthetic appearance.

However, I was very kindly helped by several people who emailed me with info about the character. Eugene Lim, from the übergeeky University of Chigaco, was especially informative.

Eugene on the Geek Icon Chinese character:

I've noticed that the page has a Chinese character "Qi", which is properly pronounced "chi-e" like "church" (not that Greek thing). It's a bona fide Mandarin character, and it means "air." It also has other more subtle meanings that translate vaguely like "ability" or "skill." And it's probably as close as you can get to sounding like "geek."

Sadly, there is no Chinese character that sounds like "geek". In fact, Chinese does not even has the "g-" phonetic. Worse, Chinese has 4 levels of intonation, and none of them replicate the "geek" tone (though the highest intonation comes rather close).

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