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Living in the dark dungeons of the internet

Lucky 2013

New year, deep breath, another "blog reboot"?

Small Things

Let's continue the discussion of things done right.

Hoist the Mainsail - Part 3 of 3

Continued — FINALLY — from part 2.

So Far Off to a Bad Start

A whinge.

A New Decade

Holy smokes, the second decade of the new millenium already? And I still haven't been issued my jet pack.


Some stuff has been going on

Hoist the Mainsail - Part 2

In which I get completely and utterly sea sick, but not as sea sick as some.

Hoist the Mainsail - Part 1

In which I undertake a challenging but excellent trip for my birthday.

Gone Pro

I have completely spoiled myself.

Wait, What?

At the Rentals of Madness

The dark void that is finding a place to live in Sydney.

Last Year v This Year

Resolutiony type thingies.


Which is what my application for citizenship is.

Hawaiian Diary: There and Back Again

Day two of my Kaua'i trip-- seeing my cousin Angela again for the first time in a couple of years. Originally written on 12/08/2006.

Thank You Again, Sandy

Two quick video clips of our luau, with hula dancing.

Hawaiian Diary: Welcome to Wainiha

The first of two journal entries from my Kaua'i trip (that's all I had time for). Originally written on 12/08/2006.

Oh We're Going to a Hukilau

More pictures from Hawai'i

I don't usually do quizzes, but...

I kinda liked this one.

Sunburnt, Tired, Sore, & Deliriously Relaxed

Hawaii was awesome! And not just hotdog awesome.

Comics N00b: Playing with a Full Deck of Cards

Watch out. Newly formed comic book geek, coming through. If you do not like comics your eyes may begin to glaze over.

State of the Geek Address

Final update on the blogover.

The Importance of Being Geeky (reprise)

My original geek manifesto, reprinted from 1998. Someday I will do an updated piece on this.


In which I finally get some time to spend on this web site.

In Memoriam

Hit upside the head.

It's Frickin' Cold Mr Bigglesworth

I hate winter.

The Last Day of Vacation

12 days of much-needed R&R.

This Was How it Should Have Gone

Waiting rooms suck. Especially at the hospital. At least I have my imagination to keep me company.

Smelling the Flower

Hopefully not the same thing as drinking the Kool-Aid. A look at the new web app Ma.gnolia.

Four Things

Jeneane tagged me for that Four Things meme.


A few details on a newly acquired family heirloom.

Shining and New: 2006 Year in Review (thus far)

A tediously detailed account of my first three days of the new year.

Save Santa Rosa

Some congressional jerkwad wants to take our national resources away from us.

How Do I Blog?

Frank Paynter asks, I answer.

Matinee of Terror (1 of 2)

Part 1: "Matinee of Terror" double feature, plus cartoon! Our reviewer watches Casper, the Friendly Ghost in "There's Good Boos Tonight" and George Romero's zombie classic: "Night of the Living Dead". Part 2 continues later with Vincent Price in "The Last Man on Earth".

You Know the Feeling...?

Don't you hate it when you wake up sure that it's the weekend and it's not? Of course on the other hand it's really nice when you wake up thinking it's Monday and it's actually Sunday.

To Keep You Warm on Your Journey

Mr Wiggins and I cross that final line into full dorkdom.

In Your Neighbourhood

What it looks like where I live: a little photo-journey.

Watsons Bay

A sunny winter afternoon spent at Watson's Bay. We needed to get out of the Inner West.

Playing Catch-up

If only I was a full time weblogger.

Is it Safe to Post Without Mentioning London Now?

If Londoners can't be that bothered about it, then should I be? More of the usual mundane stuff to follow instead.

Not so Sweet

Nasty viruses, wicked viruses... we hates them, Precious! Yess! We hates them!

Speaking of Honey

Bee juice and science fiction. The products of a diseased mind.

The Queen Bee Gets Some Honey

Tor Amos' tour hits the Sydney Opera House, and I treat Mr Wiggins to some tickets for his birthday. It was exactly what we needed.

Tsunami Relief

Donations through PayPal were not an option until today. Here are some of my reflections on the tsunami crisis.

Rock Your Socks Off

Tenacious D rocked the Enmore-- and my world. Ohhh... to be a rock star.

Consumer Ho Ho Ho...

The Geek Santa delivers.

America Makes Me Ill - TECHNICALLY

By that punny title, I only mean that I went to the states for Thanksgiving and came back with tonsilitis! Wah!

Reflective, but Still Angry

Retrospective on the election nonsense.

Still on Anger

...I don't think I'll move to grief or acceptance.

First Denial, then Anger

2004 Federal Election... Ughghghghghghhhhh.

More Hoohah

2004 Federal Election... Ugh.


2004 Federal Election... Ugh.

Inner Peas

A dream journal entry about little balsa wood ship models and poetry.

Not Dead Yet

But a bit brain dead. Reminiscing about four days off.

Independence Day

A new revolution is declared. We now begin the Age of Philosophy.

I Consider Myself a Nerd

Misanthropic comix, nerds, and splendor.

Adventures of the Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

Travelling back through time in the ARJ-a-tron 2000, to the days I stayed in a 1930s era lighthouse keeper's house on an island.

Celebrity Wedding Weekend

It's who you know. What I did for my Easter Monday holiday.

Finally-- Etchings

Some examples of etchings I made in my printmaking class.

A Mermaid

My final project for printmaking: a lino cut print based on Waterhouse's painting, A Mermaid.

Todo - A Backlog of Play

Fun personal projects that I don't have time for anymore. Boohoo!

Breathing Space

A loosening up of the schedule, like a corset with snipped laces, has brought an end to my need to swoon. Y'know?

Evil Little Monkeys

In the grand Geek Icon tradition of telling you my freaky-weird dreams.

Printmaking: Drypoint

Some examples of drypoint etchings from my printmaking classes.

More Visuals

I got a scanner this week and am starting to digitise my experiments with printmaking. Here is the first set of woodcut prints I made back in Sept 2003.

36 Habaneros

Habanero chilis from our garden. Yummmmmmm...


A rambling post about creativity and other random things in my life. Very R-Mode and not geeky at all, really.


A few snapshots of my garden this morning.

St Andrew on Sunday

"I was the first son of my mother," Andreas told me in a wonderfully old world, storyteller kind of way. He told me how he was born in a tiny village on Cyprus. The midwife, helping his mother into the birthing chair, had called on St Andrew for help, and he was named after the saint.


Ankle blood is sweetest. The anopheles has its wicked way with me while I'm sleeping.

All Dressed Up for the Party

Andrea's iPod adventure: this was going to be a post written in anger, but it all turned out well before I could get time to type it up.


Having a birthday on New Year's Eve gives me a nice set-up for all kinds of silly metaphysical-esque ruminations on birthdays, rebirth, starting over, and the new year.

Time to Think

Even though I haven't had a whole lot of time to myself, being off work lets my creative juices boil a bit more.

And, Wendy, There are Mermaids

Watching Peter Pan gets me choked up for my childhood.

Vacation, Had to Get Away

Did you ever have one of those holidays where you were more tired after it was over? That was my last week and a half, while my dad was visiting me here in Sydney.

Thanksgiving Post Facto

The holiday that disappeared. And other festive ruminations.

Stickin' it to the MAN

Rock 'n Roll, rebellious, crazy... I've got a loud angry soul.

The Rite of Fishrush

Fishrush is moving into a new state of being, an alteration of consciousness, a transcendence of spirit, and some other bollocks.

Faces I Remember

I'm really fascinated by our own mental image of our faces. Here is a little experiment I conducted with my dad at Inter.Face. And a little addendum about my dad's latest post at Lunch Money.

Geek Portrait

Fiddling around with online avatar concepts.

The Matrix Rewound

Now that I've seen the final film in the trilogy, I'm trying to think back on the story as a whole.

Arggh... Don't Laugh at Me!

Pirates are cool, not funny!

Inadvertant Holiday

I'm losing my good Puritan work ethic one small step at a time.

Springtime in Bizarro World

I'm missing a good old-fashioned spooky Halloween.

Work Ethic

Things I do to amuse myself on my lunch break.

About This Site

A few interesting notes about the site and its history.

Author Bio

This geek icon's vital statistics.

Reinventing Myself

Introduction to The Daily Geek.

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